Terms And Conditions

When you purchase a plan you are agreeing to these terms and conditions
1 - We require respect and politeness when using the group and member pages.
2 - Once a plan is purchased we can not transfer..upgrade or refund so be sure before purchasing.
3 - Always read individual plans or read the info on our Ghost Cam location page to see what is included on certain locations or on certain plans..Some are very different and have different access.
4 - We reserve the right to add more plans at different times with different benefits
5 - Ghost Cams are available as long as we have internet and electricity. We can not be held responsible for internet drop outs or power outages or adverse weather conditions that may effect the internet speed.
6 - On the odd occasions some of our locations may hold public events. In that case the Ghost Cams for that particular location will go offline due to GDPR restrictions. We will try to contact you in advance if this is the case but this sometimes may not be possible. Sometimes MHE may hold public events at our locations so you may see public ghost hunting  in the areas.These people will have signed a disclaimier to be allowed to be filmed. we try to let you know if any public events for MHE are being conducted. May prove an interesting watch.
7 - We reserve the right to change plans at any time however any changes made will not effect already purchased plans.
8 - We reserve the right to withdraw a camera/cameras if needs be. If this occurs we will add another camera in its place albeit an existing camera. Sometimes sound /image may need to be turned off if any work is being carried in a Ghost Cam area.No refunds or part refunds given however we will try to get the audio/ image back on as soon as it is possible to do so by working along side the location.
9 - We reserve the right to cancel any plans and remove people from the website for inappropriate  or what is deemed to be  aggressive / rude / bullying / nasty behaviour and no refund will be given.
10 - Lets enjoy this website and the privildges the Ghost Cams access gives us
Please contact manager@mosthauntedexperience.com for any queries.